And yet, there are those who will say there is no life outside of Earth…seems pretty incredulous, right?

Astronomy and Law

Super-terrestials, super-terrestial planets, super-Earths.  They go by a lot of names.

Basically, super- worlds are moderately sized, intermediate in mass between Earth and the Gas Giants.  Unfortunately, there are a plethora of planetary classification schemes, so no one really has a good idea of what to really call all these new planets.  I like the Star Trek planetary classification scheme, but I am biased.  It suffers from be Science Fiction and doesn’t have a lot of scientific basis.  However, this is probably due to the fact that it was developed about 40 years before we actual found any other planets.

Thanks to the Kepler mission, scientists are starting to get some idea of the size and types of planets roaming the Universe, at least the small part we have looked at, and are working on new theories to account for what is out there.

For example, the planet Gliese 436b…

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