Mistakes that are Blessings in Disguise

Daily Prompt: Favorite Mistake

Is there a mistake you’ve made that turned out to be a blessing — or otherwise changed your life for the better? Tell us all about it.

How many times in your life have you, at first, regretted a decision you had made…only to realize it was really a blessing in disguise?

The Universe is our compass
The Universe is our compass

For me, they are a regular occurrence and simply a way for the Universe to let me know that I’m not always in charge. To be honest, we’re rarely in charge. Usually, when we listen to our inner guidance, we make our choices based on the concerted effect of that knowingness. However, there are times when we have not listened close enough and choose to go down a “wrong” street or engaged in a behavior that does not suit us.

I sometimes have to remind myself that there is no wrong path; I’m always on my path. The path may be diverging from the quickest way to my goal, but eventually everything I do, everyone and everything I encounter along the way, is in perfect order. That doesn’t mean that every decision I make is in my own best interest, but it does mean that when I feel something like regret, that is usually due to not listening to the small, still voice that is me…in everyone. We…I…just let the world’s noise overwhelm me and provide diversions.

If first you don’t succeed…

Really difficult life lessons can only be had when we need to wake up to the reality that we have ventured far from our most direct route. I can get pretty far down that side path before realizing that I might want to find help, directions, council from someone who presents themselves at that moment. For it is the Universe that will always keep me on track, if I let it…in all of its forms and ways.

The biggest mistake I can ever make is to continue down a path until I hit what seems like a dead in and then become depressed about the choices that lead me there in the first place. Eventually, I’ll see that the blind alley does have an exit and I will pick myself up again. When I have seen the “error of my way”, then I can choose differently and, hopefully, not go that way again.

For the very definition of insanity is to continue doing something the same way and expecting different results. So, I choose to learn from the Universe’s myriad lessons in that form of deception and choose to a different way toward my life’s purpose.

via Favorite Mistake | The Daily Post.

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