Cool Simulations For You.

Very cool for space buffs!

Astronomy and Law

I received an email from Michal Sadlon about my recent Rossetta blog post.  MIchal has a project where he and his team creator online space simulations.  They have recently recently launched an “Interactive 3D model of Rosetta mission,” which you can view here (


The simulation visualizes the current position of the Rosetta spacecraft,  its trajectory and all important moments.  Also, it has a videotour of entire mission and interesting images published by the ESA.  There is all the information you want on this mission, all you have to do is start clicking around the page and explore the solar system from your desktop.

That isn’t the whole story either.  You should check out the other cool simulations that they have available on the main page.

android-mascot  apple_logo_rainbow_6_color

Also, they have apps for your Android(r) and Apple devices so you can take them with you everywhere.  I know that…

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