No Guilt Here!

Nice snippet of dialog-driven story!

I'm a Writer, Yes, I Am!

“Morning Lamont!”
“Yeah, you’re right. It is.”
“Little Ms. Grouchy-pants, are we?”
“I could’ve slept longer.”
“Call in sick.”
“Get real, voice in my head. I’m not doing that.”
“You’ve done it before.”
“Rarely. This is public, dude. Don’t make me out to sound like some teacher who calls in sick all five minutes because she doesn’t want to go to school.”
“You’ve done that. You can’t deny it. You feel guilty about it, don’t you?”
“Yes, I’ve done that. I don’t feel guilty about it. I figure a teacher who adamantly does not feel up to being in front of the class is someone who shouldn’t be in front of the class.”
“How often do you do that?”
“What are you, my confessor?”
“No. Just prompting the prompt.”

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3 thoughts on “No Guilt Here!

      1. It’s true. 🙂 I’ve only been posting on Word Pres since December and it takes a while to build a “readership.” Thank you again.

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