How Does Ho’oponopono Rewire Your Brain?

When our mind is at zero, divinity will give us what we need to manifest a perfect life. This is a work in progress. The work never ends and we are constantly reinventing our lives, a life aligned with God, Goddess, higher power, Divinity.

I personally love ho’oponopono. It is the perfect combination of self-help and spirituality, with its roots in Hawaii. I’ve been practicing it over five years. Its premise is: all the negative self talk is memory replaying. We share these memories. We are all One, after all.

Therefore, when you have a problem, I ask “What is in me to have this arise in my life right now?” So as I heal myself, I heal you. Simple–but old habits of blaming and playing victim are hard to break. But break them anyway.

via How Does Ho’oponopono Rewire Your Brain?.

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