Would James Bond Live in an Aquaminium?

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So what exactly is an Aquaminium?

According to Gulu Lalvani, the Royal Phuket Marina chief executive and developer who says he created the term, it’s an apartment complex on the water with one added feature — an indoor parking garage for a boat.

Massage Room with a pool
Massage Room with a pool

At the Royal Phuket Marina, these garages are available in just two penthouse units; the other apartments have outdoor docking stations. But according to Mr. Lalvani, who founded with his brother the U.K. consumer-electronics company Binatone, the latest must-have in luxury living is a dock just steps from your front door.

The idea came from James Bond, says Mr. Lalvani. In the movies, the British secret agent often needs to make a quick getaway by boat, and of course, one was always close at hand. (The nearby island of Khoah Phing Kan is nicknamed “James Bond Island” because it appeared in “The Man with the Golden Gun” in 1974.)

Of the 15 apartments, two penthouses, and five villas in the Aquaminium complex, which was completed in 2009, 14 units are occupied. A second complex is in the works.

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