German words, any human language, is based on the core understanding that we need to communicate complex concepts. There is nothing more complex than this kind of search. The human search for meaning beyond ourselves is as old as time…you can see it in cave drawings long before we had language. Capturing the “genie in the bottle” is a poor substitute for understanding, but we may have to settle for this approximation. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I do!

Peace With My Life

The Sehnsucht ebbs and flows in my life. It is flowing more than ebbing right now,

A whirlpool of stars in outerspace, with a bright planet or star in the center. Photo courtesy of NASA.

and I feel it’s in a bit of a whirlpool with no exit. It’s rather unsatisfying. Sehnsucht is a German word with no English equivalent that denotes a deep, passionate longing for an alternative that isn’t present. The yearning can be so deep and pervasive that it resembles a disease. My best friend and I had a long candid discussion a few weeks ago in which we both revealed that we suffer from this condition. Or rather, I described the feeling, and she quickly gave me the word. She feels it too, perhaps even more strongly.
The odd part is that we aren’t sure what our continuous yearning is for. It remains very strong, yet unnamed. We get a reprieve when we take on a creative project and give it…

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