Birthday Cake Tradition

Nothing said March birthday like a green-frosted cake…yum!

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green bowlI was born on St. Patrick’s Day.  Everyone’s Irish on that day and conveniently I am anyway, so it makes it an extra special day for me.  I also have two older sisters born during that same week in March and we’ve often celebrated our birthdays together.  But we’ve always each had our own favorite cakes.

What likely started as my Mom’s attempt to give the birthday girls in March our own special day, has continued into a birthday tradition for me.  My birthday cake has been white cake–green frosting, every year for as long I can remember.  Even when I lived in Vermont my mom put the cake, carefully packaged in a box and shipped via UPS, I would have my cake, and eat it too, on my birthday.

green frostingThere may have been a couple of years when my cake was made by someone…

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Tradition

  1. Did I ever mention that I’ve also been ordained by Chesbro I to the Order of Melchizedek? Never, ever got green icing on a birthday cake, though. Birthdays weren’t a big deal at my house.

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