29 Tips to get the most out of TEDActive (from attendees)

I’ll be attending TedX Chester River on Saturday…thanks to Robin Rice! This is my first time and found this article both humorous and enlightening…excited!

TEDActive Blog

A good experience can be elusive. It takes the right combination of people, the perfect ambiance, a memorable moment and a touch of spontaneity. At TEDActive, good experiences are abound. Why? Because we create the perfect environment with room for you to play and experiment and we fill the room with the smartest, coolest kids. It’s up to you to add the special sauce — your charm! Below, our veteran community shares their favorite tips help you have the best TEDActive experience (and these tips are so good, they could apply to any event or social gathering). And if there are any repeats or variations on a tip, you know they are super important.

1. Only ask people what they are passionate about and not about their job. — John Marston.

2. Immerse yourself in the spirit! — Norberto Amaral


3. Roll with everything, don’t analyze. — Rachel Langdon

8519464206_475eb2e023_b (1)

4. Do not miss…

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