Angry cats and more planks

More power to you…call it getting older!

Debauchery Soup

Day 3: Pilates.


Let me start off by saying I was just in the bathroom,  about to wash my face and brush my teeth – and as I removed my earrings,  one fell to the floor.  I froze.  It might as well have been something falling into the Grand Canyon.  As I assessed the situation I literally winced at the thought of bending down to pick it up.

And while we’re on the topic of bathrooms – I had the same ‘wince’ reaction every-time I had to empty my bladder today.  The whole ‘sit down/stand up’ motion is a tad difficult.

The scary thing is … I like it.

I’m not in agony, but, and I never thought I’d say this – it hurts in a good way.

Who AM I?!?!

I’m already panicking a little wondering what I’m going to do when the 21 days are up!

Where will I…

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