SEO Basics For Self-Published Authors – Pt. 1

SEO Basics For Self-Published Authors – Part 1

Posted on July 31, 2013 by admin Posted in eBook Publishing, SEO Writing

Anyone who works online should have a basic understanding of SEO or search engine optimisation. You may have created a blog for your latest book, or starting a business based on your expertise. No matter what your reasons for operating online, at some point you are going to require a basic understanding of SEO and how it works. You may find some of what you read online about the subject confusing, so in this two-part article I will look at two of the most basic principles of SEO. To begin, for this article I will describe in the simplest of forms what SEO means and why it is so important. In the second part I will discuss some of the processes you can use to improve your online position and how to use them.

The Search  & Your Ranking

An online search will usually begin with a few keywords. You may be looking to find an answer to a specific question or a way to perform a specific task. No matter what the reason we all do the same thing, we go straight to our favourite search engine. To start things off we may try to formulate a question or maybe just type in a series of keywords or phrases related to the subject into the search bar and begin looking through the results. According to Google, this happens more than 3 billion times each and every day, and that is just one search engine facility. Imagine the total searches performed across the hundreds of search engines available to us.

So what does this mean to us self-published, or “Indie” authors? The fact is, this is probably the most common task performed online. Why is this so important to us authors? It’s important because it can be the difference between success and failure.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are responsible for the bulk of traffic making its way around the Internet. The search engines role is to provide the best possible results to the questions and keywords people enter into the search bar.

Software programs (often called spiders) work like robots and move around the Internet non-stop looking over the content we post on our blogs and websites. They analyse the content and decide what questions and which keywords are relevant to the content.

When a search engine receives a question it analyses all of the content its robots have viewed and indexed and provides a result instantaneously that is most appropriate to the question asked. In a split second the user is provided pages of results relating to the query. Most users will click on the links on the first few pages of results. The further down the list, the less likely the results will ever be seen. This is why it is so critical that your pages appear in those first results.

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