Winter Storm Janus and My Day Off

It’s kind of a let-down. I would rather have been given approval to work from home today. There’s nothing I can’t do here to get my Web-based editing done. Instead, the whole city and surrounding ‘burbs have rolled up their proverbial carpets ahead of the threat of snow-covered roads.

Checking in with my work email at 7:30am, we were notified that the DC government was closed…so, I took a couple of pictures and went back to bed.

Janus Early Morn sunrise
Winter Storm Janus and an Early Morn Sunrise

Winter Storm Janus has been laying down snow at a steady rate since about 9:30am here in the DC area. However, there’s not a lot to show for it, maybe a few inches on the roads. The greater threat of blowing and drifting snow due to high wind gusts has not materialized. In fact, the beauty of the snow-draped limbs and powerlines belie the calmness that abounds.

Janus Snowy Backyard
Winter Storm Janus Snowy Backyard

The temperatures have been steadily dropping since the high of 53 yesterday afternoon. By midnight, it was in the high-30s and by dawn it was in the twenties. Now, it’s hovering just above 20 degrees and they expect single digits by tomorrow morning. So, whatever is on the ground will likely stay there until the sun shines on it. If the wind picks up as much as is expected, we could well be feeling like it’s well below zero…Fahrenheit! Brrr!

We’ll just have to see what happens overnight and whether (weather permitting) I’ll be driving into work in the morning.

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