Brrr…Baby It’s C-c-cold Out There!

Correction: “arctic vortex” should be “Polar Vortex”, it has even made Wikipedia:

2014 North American cold wave

Well, this time last “night”…before I went to bed, it was about 45 degrees F. Tonight, it’s FIVE (5)!

That’s a 40 degree drop in temp…and it may go down below zero. With winds whipping around (20-30 MPH), that’ll be at least a drop of as much in degrees to the bare skin. Please, take my word for it, don’t conduct that experiment yourself…not a good idea…

“They” are calling this the “arctic vortex” and much of the US (and nearly all of Canada) are firmly in its icy grip. Weather reports say it won’t last…at least not for my neck-of-the-woods, by Thursday it will return to seasonal cold and may be back in the 40s by Friday. The snow and ice are also mostly gone from the roadways, so I expect to be going to work tomorrow.

So grateful that I have a warm, comfortable place to live while others are not so “lucky”…perhaps since they can’t afford heat, or even a home…or maybe due to power outages. Count yourself lucky as well if you have both.

Be safe, keep warm and sleep well…

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