After the First Snow of 2014

Quick correction: It’s dubbed the Polar Vortex (not new or evens news), rather than Arctic Vortex, although the meaning is not lost either way. Just glad we’ve returned to more normal winter temps, felt practically warm at lunchtime with 35 degrees (F) out!

There’s something special in the air. There’s a certain crispness that wasn’t there before the snow. It has been cold, but I’m ever grateful for the warmth of hearth and home…wherever it is and being nestled in the woods by a river is awesome. Only in this time of no leaves on the trees can you even see the houses across the river’s ravine.

Across the River Ravine
Across the River Ravine

From the deck of my home, I can just make out the outline of the house on the opposite hill. We’re both in Laurel, Maryland, but I’m in Howard County and they’re in PG. It would be a little bit of a walk, but I could walk down to the town’s center or “up” to the dam on the other side of I-95. Yesterday was the first time I “chickened out” making the short trip from the bottom of the hill to the top in my car…for good reason, it is still snowy and slick.

Driveway after the Winter Snow of 2014
Driveway after the Winter Snow of 2014

This is a view from my still snow-covered car up my steep driveway…also snowy and potentially icy. As you can see, we got a good 6-8 inches overnight. Even midday, it’s barely 20 degrees…brrr! My only regret is not having a better camera at my disposal (this is from my Android) and not getting out there before the the snow started falling off of the trees.

Snow-covered car
Snow-covered car

After growing up in Upstate New York and going to Oswego State (usually more snow there than Buffalo), I’m used to this kind of weather…and cleanup. I’ve grown a little lazy since moving here where this is relatively rare. This doesn’t compare to Snowmageddon of February 2010, not by far! But, still, my driveway has snow on it the day after I took these pictures…even after both my housemate and I took turns making a dent in it.

Driveway after shoveling
Driveway after shoveling

That’s my housemate at the top of the driveway…bet you didn’t see him, even though he’s wearing a red coat! There’s a house at the top of the drive, technically we share the drive, but they keep their car on the other side of the house closer to the street.

Speaking of driving…time to make a trek to the store, it’s been a couple of days since I’ve done that and today’s another sunny day. Good time to venture out!


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