Care and Feeding of the Soul (part 2)

Had to reblog part 2…really liked the last line: “Listen to your intuition. It’s your soul whispering to you.” Awe-some!

Peace With My Life

Cliffs CWMy last post discussed nine ways that we can feed our soul, Just like we do our bodies. These are some general ideas about ways that everyone can feed their soul, regardless of where they are on their spiritual path. Here’s the rest of the list.

  • Take out your inner garbage.  Hold yourself accountable for the old thought patterns and habits that no longer serve you. Then let them go.
  • Find ways to engage with nature. Feeling more connected with the Earth helps in many, many ways.
  • Find new people to do things with. Sometimes people become so accustomed to us being one way, that they can’t understand that we might  want to change. They keep pushing us back into our box, limiting our growth.  New people don’t have this preconceived notion, and they can  accept us as we are.
  • Find new music that lifts you up and energized me.

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