Care and Feeding of the Soul (part 1)

Really wanted to read “Bridging Two Worlds”…guess you pulled it down (re-edit?) Found this one and really liked the message!

Peace With My Life

Just as our bodies need to be fed and nurtured, so does our soul or our spiritual side. When it was clear that the religion of my childhood no longer fit, I struggled to find a new way to nurture my spiritual nature. My soul cried out for care, and I enlarged my spiritual world. Since my specific path may not be anyone else’s, I’d wanted to share some general ideas about ways that everyone can feed their soul, regardless of where they are on their spiritual path.

Path to the future CW

  • Release the mainstream; your most fulfilling path may be less obvious.
  • Resist the societal push to conform to behavior that isn’t comfortable. Strive to be authentic.
  • Considered other points of view, rather than dismissing them out of hand. You may be amazed to discover that you’ve outgrown a habitual way of thinking but hadn’t realized it yet. You don’t have to identify…

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