The Genesis of Greatness – Guy Finley

The Genesis of Greatness by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: We grow into the worlds above us — we are awakened to the kingdoms of higher consciousness within us — by outgrowing the worlds beneath us.

Real Learning Requires Surrender

Just as the caterpillar must let go of what it has been in order to realize the butterfly it’s created to become, so too we must yield to what is above us if our wish is to know its freedom as our own. As in the eternal relationship that exists between the greater and the lesser: the greater is continually pouring out its life, giving its light to the lesser. This means that the lesser is made greater each time it surrenders to the greater because in that moment the lesser becomes the greater; then it understands that greater work of which it is now a part, and to which it now wants to give itself again.

To give you a simple idea of this beautiful relationship, think of the way in which a barren winter grape vine yields itself to the first rays of a warm spring sun, drinking in the radiant energy that will — in a few months — be a part of the sweet fruit it grows. In nature we can see this order of relationship law: for one life to “increase” another must “decrease.” The same holds true within us. We too must yield the still dark and undiscovered parts of ourselves to the light of awareness that transforms them, so that the soul can blossom and bear fruit. This eternal genesis is the secret nature of love, as is its living Light through which we perceive our relationship within it. Our gift in life, should we choose to receive it, is to witness and realize our oneness with this love that never betrays its lover.

As our inner eyes open, and we see that all things come to us for the sake of increasing our trust in this love, the flame of true faith ignites. By its light we see with ever-increasing clarity that nothing happens to us that isn’t part of preparing us to transcend — to outgrow — who and what we have been. Our conviction in the goodness of Truth moves past all doubt, and our confidence grows that we’ve found what we’ve been looking for all our life. The Light for which we searched is real and now we know it. The first leg of the great Journey is made and now a new task is set before us: to embody the Truth we have found, to serve the celestial powers we once thought should be subjugated to serve us. Now our inner work is to practice being one with this Light whose love has made possible our awakening. The fruit of this union is freedom. Some call it enlightenment. By any other name it is joy. This Life is yours if you give it yours.

This article is excerpted from The Essential Laws of Fearless Living (pages 163-164).

via The Genesis of Greatness [Writing].


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