Enabling our Dreams

Who are we…really…without our dreams? Thanks for the reminder!

Peace With My Life

What are your dreams and aspirations? What do you long for in your life? What do you do to make it happen? I have a few visions which I’m daring to dream, with clear actions that I’m taking to make them happen. What still surprises me after all this time, is that I’m not the only one taking action on my dreams.

My partnership is well past the honeymoon stage, and there are times when I wonder if my husband’s acceptance about what I do is simply that he doesn’t care. Then, there are years like this one, and I realize that he cares deeply and contributes to my dreams in many ways. He sacrifices time, money, and companionship to see me take steps toward my pursuits. He gives more than lip-service, he steadies me and helps me up. I often feel absolutely driven to create, to learn, and to…

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