The inevitable ‘Work’ post

Those are the days that make us feel alive!

Debauchery Soup

I had one of ‘those’ days at work today.

My frustration level was at a Spinal Tap ’11’ and my attitude was beyond help from chocolate.

I spent the better half of the day trying to find a solution to a problem without having all the information from the lender we were brokering the loan to – and a dozen emails later – ended up solving it.  Not without leaving some wreckage that sat uncomfortably in my stomach like a swallowed anvil.

I don’t leave anvils in my stomach anymore.  I go to great lengths to remove them, and rewind – with admissions and apologies and humor, until my stomach and conscience are light.

In this case, I called the Account Executive and just said, “Oh my gawd – I sound like such a bitch in my emails.  I’m so sorry.  This loan has been a comedy of errors all…

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