Nightfall Recap.

Some awesome pix!

Astronomy and Law

So I am showing some shots of my 20th annual Nightfall experience.  It was a wonderful time.


Passing by the San Diego Wild Animal Park.


At the top of the Anza Borrego basin, looking down about 3,500 feet.


Borrego Springs from on high.


A plaque dedicated to the people who donated this land.


Don’t fall over the edge, it is a long way down.


The Solar Pavillion, where on Saturday, I helped people enjoy the view of the Sun with my 60mm Lundt solar scope.  Although, Mike’s 152mm Lunt scope had far better views.


Although I couldn’t get my camera to take great shots, I was able to image the sun using eyepiece projection.  It was really active on Saturday.  Lots of sun spots, flares, prominences, and a couple of loops.



After the Solar Pavillion closed down for the day, we had our pot luck dinner.


But everything was not…

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