Musings from the Laundromat: Vultures and Sleeping Dogs edition

Shout it out!

Debauchery Soup

Ah Sunday.

I stayed up until  2 in the morning last night completing a side job I’d committed myself to.  It helped that The Breakfast Club was on.

Some of my favorite dialogue from that movie:

John Bender: YOU ARE A BITCH.

Claire Standish: Why? ‘Cause I’m telling the truth, that makes me a bitch?

John Bender: NO. ‘Cause you know how shitty that is to do someone, and you don’t got the balls to stand up to your friends and tell them you’re gonna like who you wanna like.

Yeah!  Go John!  But, Claire was just being honest.

I digress.

I stayed up late and mentioned online that I could sleep in.  A friend pointed out that I wouldn’t.  True.  This is true.  I awoke at 7-ish.

Not so much the dog – she was sleeping in.

For her to stay still for a photo op…

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