Staying Awake [reblog]

Notes From Surgery — Be Who You Are

Robin Rice - Be Who You Are

admit it: I live a charmed life in a small town on a farm where we grow our own food and have long lovely mornings on the front porch. I work for myself from home and love what I do. About the only real complaint I have is this 50-year-old feminine body wearing out a little faster than I’d expected.

But, like any good vehicle, I suppose repairs must be expected.

And so it was I was squeezing in a reasonably major surgery just a day after my work team was here for a long weekend and just a few days before my next 9 months of teaching would start.

It would have been so easy to get into the surgery assembly line along with all the others that parade through our hospitals every day. To not say things, or see things, that are out of the realm of “normal.” But that’s not what I’m about. At this stage of my “be who you are” game, it’s just not possible.

So here are four small ways I stayed “awake” through the process, even if I did get totally knocked out for those few hours under the knife.

None of them amount to much. But collectively, perhaps, they do.

Read the rest of this article via Staying Awake: Notes From Surgery — Be Who You Are.


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