Of Art and Money [reblog]

The Racewood Post | beyond writing

When I first read this article on HuffPost books I confess my initial knee jerk reaction was to write a sort of counter piece, about how publishing is a business and self publishing is ultimately also a business, and that if we’re ever going to pull the name of self publishing out of the muck we need more people who want to work at it to make it good, not just every Tom, Dick, and Harry who just wants to say they wrote a book.

Upon further introspection however it was plain to see that this was a far more complicated issue than it might first appear. On the one hand, publishing is a business. There’s no getting around that, but on the other hand, writing is art. It’s supposed to be about telling a story, entertaining readers, and expressing ideas and opinions. While wanting to make money from a book is great, it can’t and shouldn’t be your sole reason for writing.

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