Why Do I Exist?

Excellent points and I’d love to read your “fiction”…but, I have to say, we’re making it all up as we go anyway, so what’s the difference?

Why Do I Exist

Have you ever taken the time to simply sit back, relax, clear your mind and ask yourself the question… why do I exist? What is my purpose in life? Why was I created, and what will I do with my creation? Furthermore, why does existence itself exist?

My name is Steve. I’m a philosopher and a student of Biology. Much of my life after the age of 13 has been spent in deep thought and meditation, pondering the mysteries of life and existence. I have read the works of many great philosophers and studied many religions and their teachings regarding the purpose of our existence.

I believe, I have come to a conclusion, and just may have an answer for the question “Why Do We Exist.”

I don’t make this statement lightly, and I don’t claim to be absolutely sure of my conclusion. In fact, even if…

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