How to Reclaim Your Space

Reclaimed Space

Reclaimed Space Process Diagram

Find your Land

If you have land we can quickly move on to consultation. If not, we can help you find a realtor in the appropriate areas you are searching. 

Consultation + Site Visit

Next we will meet at our Austin office and discuss your:

budget sustainability needs

use of space climate needs

Once we create a design contract, we will visit your property and begin to map out:

proper orientation move in logistics

views site work.

Design your Unit

Select one of our pre-designed floor plans or sit down with our designer and create your own custom reclaimed space.

Draw up your Contract

After you’ve approved your design, we will present a finalized cost breakdown, tentative construction schedule, and construction contract. Once signed, construction will begin. 


Once your materials are procured and have arrived in our Austin, Texas facility, construction begins, typically lasting 10-12 weeks.


Upon completion of your space, a route is planned to your property and shipped on a flat-bed truck from Austin to your property.


Installation begins once your space arrives at your property. Any remaining site work, such as laying the structures foundation, utility hookups, and landscaping can be completed at that time.

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