Birthday Photo Tour: Day 1.

Joshua Tree Natl Monument from Road
Joshua Tree Natl Monument from Road

Looks like your making good use of your birthday present to yourself…some nice pix!

Astronomy and Law

So Saturday was my birthday (fifty-one and still having fun!).  So I bought myself a new (fairly inexpensive) camera and I wanted to see how it would do.  The first stop was Joshua Tree National Park.  This is a great place to visit.  However, there was trouble on the horizon…. (insert ominous music here).


At the main entrance, there we started our journey.


Of course, you have to take some images of the Joshua Trees.


Dark clouds!!!!


Big rock (and dark clouds!!!)


Great tree at one of the hiking trail heads.


On the way to Keys View, a look back at the park shows …..  RAIN!!!!


Clouds about to rain on my parade (and birthday…Nooooooo!)


At the parking lot of Key’s View.  From here you can see Mt. San Jacinto (covered by clouds) and the San Andreas fault.


You can also see the entire Cochella valley from the same spot.

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