You’re making me hungry…LOL!

Debauchery Soup

I have a friend in the produce industry.  Okay, I hate love to brag – but she’s pret-ty important in the produce industry. 

I’m talking inspecting her product, business trips to Hong Kong and making more money in a decade than I will have made in a life time. (assuming I work until I am 100)  

I’m pretty proud of her.  Ooo!  She’s also bi or tri-lingual.  And I know we’re really friends, because I don’t envy any of it … I brag about her like she’s my kid.

I try not to play the BFF card too much – but I did need her advice the other day.  These are her expertise and I had a fruit issue! 

I only had a fruit issue because my grocery store had a whole bunch of organic bananas on  sale for 99 cents.  I usually don’t buy them since they do NOT…

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