On Reality and Death

This morning I woke up to a LinkedIn post that I felt inspired to write on the death of the physical body.

Closeup of monument at Mount Seton
Power comes not to us so much as through us.

Here’s the post by Neill Severson (in the group, Life, Meditation, Spirituality, Healing, Yoga, and Self…)

WHERE do WE go after DEATH ??

Death eventually captures all of us. As far as I can tell, no human being has yet managed to live forever. Even if we evolve new silicon bodies for ourselves and find a way to transfer our minds into them, there’s no reason to believe those bodies will be immortal either (even with frequent upgrades). We may be able to delay death, perhaps even for a very long time, but eventually our physical existence will end ?at some point. Forever is too long for us to last as physical beings. No backup system is foolproof, especially when its opponent is the infinity of time. The personal thought system often asks questions that are not really questions but are statements in the form of questions. This is most evident with the question, “What happens when I die?” This question is based on the faulty premise that that which is asking the question exists. So there is no way to answer it directly without validating the faulty premise. This is why the question is really the personal thought system’s way of stating that it exists.

My membership in the group has not yet been approved, but here was the response I composed: Death is an illusion as is this so-called life. We give meaning to whatever state of reality we believe in. However, there is truth implicit in your words. the real question is not how long have I got until I transition into the next state of reality but how will I use this one best.

There is no reality that is universal; this is a difficult concepts for dualistic humans to understand. We are used to a linear existence that does not have room for these kinds of thoughts. But, if you open your consciousness up to this idea, you may see that it makes sense.

As always, I welcome thoughts and comments from my readers. Namaste!

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