Blogging in Bed

Deep thoughts on a comfy mattress…sounds perfect!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

blogging in bedGood morning, Modern Philosophers!  As I was stretching and sprawling across my very comfy queen size bed earlier, an intriguing Deep Thought rushed to the forefront of my mind: Why aren’t there more bed-based blogs?

It’s so comfortable here under the covers with the morning sun providing more than enough light to work.  Now that The Girl Who Is So Tiny But Somehow Manages To Take Up Most Of The Bed And All Of The Covers is no longer using her side of the bed, there is plenty of room for me, my laptop and my Deep Thoughts.

I must admit that I have written a post or two from bed, but it doesn’t happen very often.  My “Trapdoor” post from Friday night was conceived in this bed.  The urge to write hit me as I was walking up the stairs to the Master Bedroom of The House on the…

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