Quickie Sunday Morning Post

There’s nothing like sleeping in and kicking back on a lazy Sunday morning with no one else around!

Dreamy meadow at dawn
Dawn breaks over the dream meadow

Yesterday, I had the privilege of giving a presentation of my psychic art to a decent-size gathering in Luray, Virginia, by invitation. I’d offered to do a few private readings in the afternoon and was floored by the response. Not only did I have a couple…I was overbooked and had to turn away a couple. I ended up doing six consecutive readings…the last one was an experimental two-person reading. They seemed pleased with the result and was asked to return on a future date to be decided.

My spiritual “sister”, a member of my group of metaphysical students, was my hostess. I came straight from work on Friday and we met for a nice dinner in Front Royal followed by a soak in her country home’s hot tub. She lent me an excellent book to read and I stayed up too late reading, but we still made it on time.

I’m always amazed at the generosity and friendliness of the people I have to pleasure to meet along life’s road. I look forward to returning sometime soon! 

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