A Cool August Start

In many ways, this has been an unusual summer. 2013 has been an unusual year in a string of unusual years. But August is usually the hottest month of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere and so far it’s been unusually cool.

A change of direction is in the air

June and July were both very hot, and even May was warmer than usual…now that we’re in the “Dog Days of Summer”, it’s not even warm enough to want to go swimming. Which, for those who know me, is saying a lot! Makes for nice sleeping night though…:)

What’s all this mean in the grand scheme of things? Who knows…certainly not enough to determine a trend, as such, but noteworthy. I’m going to commit to writing a couple posts a day, so this seemed to be a “cool” way to start…thus it begin! Enjoy, reflect and respond…if the mood strikes!

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