Love and Light Like a Freight Train

Very true…it’s not necessary to maintain this state-of-mind, just remember that you have that connection!

Peace With My Life

What does God’s love feel like? Is it like a tender whisper, a passionate cry, or a fast and powerful freight train? It can be all of those, but I can’t say that I ever believed it could be until I had a chance to experience it all in a new and unique way.

I recently took an intense course in channeling divine love as a way of healing others. I was born with a healing touch, which I now know is one reason why I have a way with animals, and I thought I might be able to do this. For many years, I experienced chronic pain that limited my ability to walk much. At my sickest, I couldn’t complete a simple grocery shopping trip because of the pain, or use my hands to type. In an open-minded search for anything that would stop the pain, I received Reiki…

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