Good plant / Bad plant Experiment

Interesting experiment…keep me (and us) updated!


This experiment in the E-Squared book is about our affect on Matter.  The actual experiment was to plant bean seeds in an empty egg carton and then give one side positive messages and the other side negative messages.  That was a bit too time intensive and costly, though, so I’ve done a variation.  I bought two pansy plants for 99 cents each.  I put a label of Bad Plant on one and Good plant on the other.  I also put a happy face on the good plant and a sad face on the bad plant.  There’s something about putting an actual label on the plant pots that drives the point home and illustrates how we may feel with a label plastered on us.

I then took the plants outside and placed the on the deck rail.  I spoke nice to the good plant and mean to the bad plant.  I…

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