Should have gone to the laundromat …

I won’t break your heart with a tale of another hermit crab death…:( Nice story-telling!

Debauchery Soup

It’s laundry day – and I’m not doing it.

eyeball face

The job I usually do Saturday night isn’t getting done until tonight either.  It’s a topsy-turvey weekend.

And now there’s a palpable bad energy in the air that I’m trying to ignore for the sake of salvaging the last few hours of the weekend.

First I was up really early (there’s no such thing as sleeping in on the weekend for me.)  After lounging and drinking coffee and being unable to switch the channel from some awful political show – I leaped into action.

Got the Fabuloso out (Love that stuff!) and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.  Scrubbed the kitchen, washed the floor – dusted the living room w/in an inch of it’s life.

Nic got up and we decided we were hungry.  Seemed only Burger King would do.  Now, during this discussion, as I stood in the kitchen in my pajamas, smelling of…

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