Today’s Laundry meditation

Good advise…trust your gut!

Debauchery Soup


The thing about laundromats – or this one at least … is that they’re quiet and smell like goodness.  (Thank you scented softeners).  They smell of clean things and comforting things and calming things too.

Definitely an environment in which I can think, and clear my head and share what was in there with you.

But sometimes, I can’t share everything.  There is a large part of me that doesn’t like that.  But a larger part of me that’s grateful that evidently I DO have an edit button hidden in the TMI portion of myself.

Truthfully, the only time I don’t share with you is when someone else could be hurt by my honesty.   I’m an open book.  You ask me a question, I’ll answer it and draw a picture for you too.

But I do respect the privacy and feelings of others.

So how to go about this…

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