Space Junk Menace

This is not the first time I’ve heard of this…but clearly, it’s a GROWING problem!

Astronomy and Law

This week scientists, engineers and space-law experts are gathering in Darmstadt, Germany for the The 6th European Conference on Space Debris.  Attendees will discuss the growing problem of space debris.  On the table are proposals to curb the accumulation of new junk in orbit.  And trust me, there is a lot of junk up there.

As I have discussed on this blog earlier, there are more than 170 million pieces of space junk currently orbiting Earth.

According to the conference’s website, since 1957, more than 4,900 space launches have led to an on-orbit population today of more than 22,000 trackable objects, with sizes larger than 10 cm.

Fusée V2.jpg

In fact the very first man-made object to cross the Kármán line and hence first spaceflight, was done by the Wehrmacht in 1944 when a V2 rocket traveled 176 kilometres (109 mi) into low earth orbit (and, as we know, the test…

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