Day 4: Apply Marketing Formats

Screenwriting isn’t as easy as it may sound like…or, maybe it does sound difficult. It’s not that it’s terribly difficult…to learn, but some of all learning as an adult means having to UN-learn something you may have already have been doing for awhile. For some of us [hand raised], that may have been a VERY long while indeed!

So, what are these “marketing formats” anyway? The short version is, the spin that is put on a story concept before anything is even written. Intriguing, no? Here’s one that you might recognize, “What if’s”. In this format, you ask a question, maybe a little kooky or strange or funny…or scary…that begs the audience to come for the ride and see the movie. Take something you might be familiar with or that you would expect and turn it on its proverbial ear!

As part of the class assignment (did I mention that there’s one EVERYDAY?), I have to take one of my “seed ideas” and rework it using one of these formats. Here’s the one I submitted today:

WHAT IF…a homeless teenager finds a priceless print only to find that he’s being tracked by the Russian mafia who wants it back?

Waddaya think? Could you imagine sitting through a movie based on that? Hope so, but this is only Day 4 of a six month class and I’ve got a whole lot more to learn!

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