Predatory Lending … but with cute stickers!

Please, PLEASE…don’t let him go down that road!

Debauchery Soup

It’s started.  The unsolicited offers to my just turned 18, High School attending son.


Who could resist?  Teens can choose from an adorable kitten sticker or how about a fun “I’m Fine How Are You?”one?

All for the low, low APR of 29.9%.  But, wait!  Act now and the first year is 0% APR!  So you can rack up a nice bill before it changes depending on the market!

Ah – those video games you don’t have the money for right now?  Don’t worry … charge it!

You’re 18 – you are now legally able to spend more than you can pay back.


Fingerhut will be stalking him next no doubt.  Is Colombia House still around?  Guess I’ll know when he gets a shipment of 6 CDs for a penny … with only 6 more to buy.

Get off our kids!

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