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I’m grateful to know a number of remarkably inspirational men and women who may not yet be household names, but who are making profound, positive changes on Earth. It’s my great honor and pleasure to introduce one such woman to you who I’ve known since 2009–Joni McLachlan.

Cynthia: I’m such a fan of yours, both as a reader of your wonderful Twilla books, and also as a grateful recipient of the shifting magic of Galactic Blue healing energy. Could you please describe what healing methods you’ve worked with prior to Galactic Blue, and how Galactic Blue came to you?

Joni: Well, I am Ususi Reiki Master, IET – Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor. I also have 3rd level certification in Dr. Eric Pearl’s Reconnection, as well as Quantum Touch, Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Techniques and several one day seminars in a wide variety of different modes. I like to…

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