Go Ahead…Split that Infinitive, guilt-free!

A Facebook friend was fretting over a dangling modifier and decided to go search for exceptions to this and other English grammar rules we were taught as children. She posted this article, which I highly recommend for my writing friends:

7 bogus grammar ‘errors’ you don’t need to worry about

Dangle that modifier…and more…

You can start a sentence with a conjunction!

Here’s the Seven:

  1. Don’t split infinitives
  2. Don’t end a sentence with a preposition
  3. Don’t use “which” as a relative pronoun
  4. Don’t start a sentence with a conjunction
  5. Don’t use the passive voice
  6. Don’t neglect to use singular verbs
  7. Don’t use words to mean what they’ve been widely used to mean for 50 years or more

NOTE: for the complete article, you’ll want to read the referenced link above. Thanks to Ben Yagoda, who is the author of How to Not Write Bad: The Most Common Writing Errors and the Best Ways to Avoid Them (published last month by Riverhead) and nine other books. He is a Professor of English and Journalism at the University of Delaware. His website is http://www.benyagoda.com.


3 thoughts on “Go Ahead…Split that Infinitive, guilt-free!

  1. Hi! I quit worrying about dangling participles when I read on Andrew Greenberg’s page that that grammar was an attempt to make English more like German sentence structure. And – haha – I’ve been living with not starting a sentence with a conjunction – DEFINITELY since high school. These were SERIOUS crimes!

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