Candy Crush…guilty pleasure!

Debauchery Soup

Ah Tuesday morning.  I’d just waved goodbye to my sick son – feeling a little guilty sending him off to school as stuffy and half awake as he was. 

Fed the dog, grabbed some coffee – dressed in a long black skirt, a pink sweater and black knee-high boots. 

Plenty of time to relax and play a little Candy Crush on my ipad as I sat outside and enjoyed the breaking dawn.

Chaos erupted.

It sounded like a pretty gnarly dog fight. 

Crap. Where’s Butters??

I none so gingerly plonked my ipad onto my wicker table, spilled my coffee and panicked. 

What to grab? 

What’s going on? 

Get the mace??? 

No … that’s gonna hurt!  And let’s face it, since I don’t react too calmly in chaos, probably I’d be the one hurting when I accidentally sprayed myself in the eye instead of the source of the growling and frantic…

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