Or, maybe it is…meditation…just not the Buddhist kind!

Peace With My Life

black & white butterflyWhat is your favorite way to rejuvenate and gain insight into your life and your problems? I could say “meditate,” but that tends to scare people, so we won’t use that word, even if it would be appropriate. For me, it’s often folding laundry. I know that sounds silly, but I’m in a small room with nothing to really hold my attention, so my hands work while my mind goes where it needs to. I find it a bit restorative and I can find solutions, or at least clarity, on issues large and small, old and new.

Many people find driving to open up their minds, but that can sometimes be fall foliage mixture 2disconcerting, such as when I miss a freeway exit because I was really thinking about something else. Many people also let their thoughts wander constructively when walking or riding a bicycle. I’m sure swimming, rowing, roller blading, ice skating…

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