Life is a transition!

It Started with a Quote

Friday was filled with other people’s schedules. Saturday I wake full of ideas and no schedule, so I begin writing until I recognize a drop in energy. I want to be around others. I could go to the grocery store. It would be my schedule, but with others.

The store is too busy. This is not what I wanted. I hurriedly get what I need and return home. But home is too quiet. (Sounds like Goldilocks…this bed is too hard, this bed is too soft…)

I take my notebook to a local deli where I eat lunch, watch people and write. Ah, just right.

The rest of the day is a breeze. Until around 8 when I notice arcs of light flashing from the corner of my left eye.

This is something new and I don’t like it. I call a friend to talk it through. She’s not there, but…

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