I spent a good deal of last weekend “catching up” on missed sleep; know what? Still not enough!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

sleeping-beautyThere was much joy in Northern Maine tonight when Sleeping Beauty finally awoke from her extended slumber.  This Modern Philosopher was not there when she first wiped the sleep from her eyes, but I did have Gary the Gargoyle fly me up to her castle so I could ask her a few questions.

She told me that she had so many dreams over the years, but the only ones she could remember were showing up for final exams and realizing that she hadn’t studied, being lost on the NYC Subway, and running away from a creepy guy with a burned face, a striped sweater, and razors for fingers.

What finally woke her up?  Was it true love’s kiss like in the fairy tales?  “It wasn’t at all that romantic,” she confessed sheepishly.  “I just really had to pee.”

Does she remember what it was that made her fall asleep?  “Of course…

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