Writing group…hmmm…I think I need to re-group with mine!

It Started with a Quote

Focus, Laura. What’s going on with you?

Our writing group sets intentions for the week at the end of each session. Last Wednesday I said I wanted a clearer understanding of this new energy around me. Is that so much to ask?

So within the week I

1. began keeping a daily list of things that gave me positive energy.

2. initiated the winter after school session with an interactive exploration of Pandora’s Box (see yesterday’s post.)

3. presented a “rigorous” lesson (important education buzz word) in my intern (beginning teachers in an alternative certification program) seminar on lesson plans that was both engaging and practical.

4. continued to purge boxes, drawers and closets of meaningless clutter.

It’s my old hippie mantra revisited.  If it feels good, do it!hippie

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