“You smell like a French whore” or eau de ho, many variations, means that you must be covering something stinky up because the perfume or cologne you have on is overpowering…;)

Debauchery Soup

**Warning – this is probably going to bore the hell out of readers of the male variety – maybe even the female variety**

No. I wasn’t sad – wasn’t laughing ’til I cried (until after it happened).  Here’s what happened.

Nic was invited to the Sadie Hawkins dance.  I was feeling restless this morning (after waking up at 6:05 am for crying out loud).  I watched some DVR’d shows (the Glee episode being one of them, about Sadie Hawkins by coincidence) – did some dishes – showered, dressed and woke Nic up with ‘Wanna go to the mall?’

Yes. Yes he did want that.

We left the house. 

I knew I wanted to get him a shirt for the dance.  Was interested at looking for a painting for the living room –  And since just after Christmas, after sniffing it at a Kohls, and falling in love with it, I…

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