Post #300 — Too Good to be True

Perfection is worth seeking, that said…

Seeking Perfection as a Guide

They also say that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

It’s not that perfection is a bad think, not at all, it’s just that in the wake of the idea of perfection, everything else seems…not quite as good. Whenever we have given ourselves permission to make perfection our goal, we…as human beings…have taken a giant step backwards into the abyss of complacency. It is during such times that we have not only failed ourselves, but all of the growth of the Oneness of consciousness that is our birthright.

Recently, I fell into that trap and quickly found myself hip-deep in the quagmire of illusion. For, it is an illusion to think that perfection is, or even should be, achieved. The fall from that illusion was a hard one, but entirely necessary. I am grateful that my path sees fit to loosen me from the temporary grip of this illusion, even as I look back and admire that trap for what it was. The trap of perfection can be difficult to get free from, since from within its embrace, all looks…perfect. Friends and confidants can try to free you, but one can only free oneself through the voluntary awakening that is always provided when one is on the spiritual path.

The Red Pill

The difficulty remains and a wise observer will need to stay vigilant, will always need to heed the voices of those one has placed faith in, and most importantly, learn the lessons that will always become apparent once freed. It is the red pill. It is the opening of ones eyes to the truth. It will be jarring and there may be a period of uncertainty, even self-doubt. But, that too shall pass.

So, use perfection as your guide in life…not as your goal for your life. It really is better to have an idea of perfection than to settle for imperfection. But, as a guide, this idea can have a sense of fluidity…expansiveness. As a goal, once you believe you have reached it, you will become complacent and stop the striving that is intrinsic to the human physical experience.

There is a delicate balance to be maintained here; one that will take every molecule of your being for the rest of your life. Rather, be bold and nothing can or will stand in your way of being the perfect you!

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