The bane of amateur and professional alike…the cold makes for the best stargazing!

Astronomy and Law

It can get COLD while doing astronomy.  Really, cold.  I haven’t been this cold since I left Colorado.  Luckily, where I was had zero moisture in the air, so despite being below freezing there wasn’t any snow or frost.  However, I did not use any lotion, and I think every pore of my skin is now cracking open.

I rubbed my leg through my pants (big mistake) and now have, what looks like, a 3″ road rash on my shine.  Evidently, denim can also act as sandpaper in the right circumstance. I am afraid to scratch or rub anything else for fear of opening other wounds.

I also learned that there are a great number of nebula that I have yet to image.  I found an intriguing nebula, NGC 2174, also known as the Monkey Head Nebula located in the constellation Orion.  I haven’t imaged in Orion for awhile, because…

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