Facing Your Fears is the Only Way to Be Free

by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: Better the whole world should turn against you, because you choose to do what is true, than the whole world approve of you… because you’ve agreed to do what is false.

Essential Laws of Fear

Start Actualizing Change

Actualizing our spiritual right to live without the frustration of fearful limitations is not a question of achieving something new; it begins with choosing to end a relationship with that which has never been true. So, it isn’t a question of “What do I do?” but “What must I bring an end to?”

Here for your consideration is a very common but false belief about what one must do or be in order to transcend the limitations in his or her life. Study this closely. See how its unquestioned, socially accepted convention serves to both frustrate and limit your natural right to be fearless.

False Belief: Before we can make those real changes in our lives, the ones that will bring us the freedom we seek, we must first secure the approval of others for our actions.

Most of us don’t realize how dependent we are on the approval of others, and how we weigh our life choices on scales that not only belong to others, but that are broken as well.

This discovery leaves us with only one conclusion that must be carried out through a bold new action: We must lose all interest in protecting the interests of the fearful self.

Specifically, in the case of the false belief that leads us to seek the approval of others, we can deliberately release any thought or feeling that would have us believe the freedom that we long for can be found by wearing the yoke of popular opinion.

The purpose of this new action is to help realize the limitless life of our True Self, and Reality itself is on our side in this struggle: Truth is our ally, and its Light empowers us to succeed… which means we can’t lose!

This article is excerpted from The Essential Laws of Fearless Living (pages 43-45).


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