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Astronomy and Law

Well, its that time of year where everyone takes stock of the past year and looks forward to the future.  So, what did we learn this year.  I learned that, once again, the doomsday people are as wrong as they ever were.  Note to all those people:  the world will end in a fiery mess…in a few hundred million years.  No need to rush things, the stellar cycle will take care of everything like it has for the past 14 billion years or so.


Also, I learned that life is far too short to waste on the unimportant.  I lost several very special people this year.  Some expected, some not.  All of them will be missed.

It seems as I get older, time goes by faster and faster.  In my youth, time seemed to stand still.  Now, I want more.  Alas, I am ever the realist, and I know that…

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